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We are grateful to those who have been doing ‘participatory grantmaking’ long before it was called that. We want to thank all who have participated in the development of this tool.


An incomplete list of supporters includes Anna Wery, Cecilia Stockhausen, and Dennis Arends of Porticus, who provided essential funding to turn this dream into a reality; Nancy Smith of Salzburg Global Seminar; and our Reference Group: Allistair Mallillin, Ben Wrobel, Cynthia Gibson, Dana Doan, Kelley Buhles, Matt Leightner, McKensie Mack, Rose Longhurst, and Swatee Deepak. We also thank our audit and philanthropy expert interviewees: Ana María Enríquez, Anne Delorme, Cynthia Gibson, Dana Doan, Dave Suarez, Diane Samuels, Emily Finchum-Mason, Eric Carlsson, Janet Camerena, Julie Broome, Kellea Miller, Maggie Potapchuck, McKensie Mack, Naomi Orensten, Nikki Wilson, Ninya Loeppky, Rachel Humphrey, Rachel Thomas, and Satonya Fair. We are deeply grateful to the 19 foundations that participated in our pilot phase and offered us the gift of honest and robust feedback to improve this tool; thank you to our friends at Barking & Dagenham Giving, Be The Earth, Communities Transforming Policing Fund, Connecting Communities in the Americas/CFLeads, CTAOP, Diverse City Fund, Fondation Botnar, Fondo Semillas, Global Fund for Children, Global Greengrants Fund, Guerilla Foundation, Mariwala Health Initiative, National Lottery Fund, Porticus Foundation, Stupski Foundation, The Other Foundation, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Vision Foundation, and Women Win. We thank our design partner, Claire le Nobel. We must also thank each other for the long friendship, partnership and dedication that led to this tool! 


Finally, we offer our gratitude to all who serve and participate in the Participatory Grantmaking Community – a vibrant group of practitioners motivated to shift power in philanthropy. 


The APPT is not perfect, and we acknowledge our limitations and biases, which are undoubtedly reflected in this tool. Any mistakes or omissions are our own. We envision making improvements to this tool over time. Contact us at if you have suggestions.

Want a Printable Copy of the Entire Tool? 

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