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We recognize that written instructions about how to use the tool may not be enough. Or, teams may be at capacity, too busy to take the lead in facilitating a team to use the tool. 


We are currently developing additional guidance in different formats. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of the page.


Our team offers these services, and more:

  • two-hour to half-a-day workshops and trainings for foundation staff in how to use the tool 

  • facilitation of the use of the tool in your team 

  • learning management as you use the tool, including development of an action plan


As longtime practitioners and proponents of participatory philanthropy, and tool authors, we would be happy to help you lead your APPT journey. Reach out to us at for details. We will partner with you to assess and meet your specific needs as you work with our tool to advance participation within your foundation. 

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